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Our Story

Our Story



Several years ago when my husband and I sold our first home, I realized how much I enjoyed the process of getting it show-ready. With just a few small adjustments, the house looked so good I almost questioned our decision to even move in the first place! Fast forward a few years, a couple of home sales/purchases and two precious girls -- Kaylee Grace and Izabel Joy -- later, that love of what I came to know as home staging and design paved the way to a new career. Our company name, “Designed With Grace & Joy,” is not just a tribute to my daughters; it’s a testament to how I will work to help you create a beautiful space of your own! 

We service the Rancho Bernardo and surrounding inland areas of beautiful San Diego, specializing in home redesign and occupied home staging, equipping you with all the tools you need to fulfill your design goals (and always with budget in mind!). Whether you’re selling a property and want the biggest Return on Investment, or you’re simply wanting to give your current home a little “facelift,” Designed With Grace & Joy will use the art of marketing, design and decorating techniques to create an environment where a new or existing homeowner can truly feel “home.”  

Thank you SO much for joining me on this exciting journey!

Attention to Detail for All Your Design Needs


In partnering with us, we will give you room-by-room suggestions on what needs to be modified, rearranged, added to or removed to achieve all your staging and design needs!

Customer Confidence Guaranteed


We will work side-by-side with you to ensure you are happy with the end result!  Your satisfaction is the best gift you can give to our growing business!